Prophetic Journeys and Family Mysteries
“Impressive work on the cosmic chaos, Andre. Now, let's delve into the mystic mysteries of the Dodona Oracle. Ever heard of it? Doesn't matter; I'll spill the divine beans.”

Zeus doesn't give you a chance to respond, charging on with his celestial lecture.

“People flock to the Dodona Oracle seeking my pearls of wisdom and a dash of prophetic flair. If you're going to take my spot, you'll need to fill in at the Oracle every now and then. I've got to be sure you can convince those starry-eyed mortals that you're the real deal.”
He leans in, eyes glinting with godly intrigue.

“Let's kick off with a little test of your prophetic prowess for the here and now. Get that right, and we might just dip our toes into the future.”

Zeus shifts gears, revealing the next cosmic conundrum.

“Your offspring, my little "mini-me's," are gallivanting somewhere in the space-time tangle. We've got the lowdown on where they kicked off (birth) and where they'll bow out (untimely deaths), but what we're after are your "current kids." You know, the ones who've aged the same amount of time you've been chilling here in the underworld. If you can track their cosmic jaunt from start to finish, you might snag a clue about their ‘now.’

He grins mischievously, the air crackling with anticipation.

"Space? That's moving within a level. Time? Well, that's all about shimmying between levels. Just saunter through the gates on the edge, and you'll be jumping between cosmic dance floors. Best of luck, my cosmic detective."

And with that, Zeus vanishes into the unknown.
Can you find them?
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