A series of misplaced events
Once again, the telltale tingling of electricity heralds the return of Zeus, and there he stands before you.

"Andre, good of you to catch up. Bravo on yesterday's performance. You breezed through the awareness tasks with colours—normal ones, mind you. Nothing flying or techni-coloured. Seems like your awareness attributes are just about adequate for keeping my godly throne warm. Now, onto the next leg of our cosmic journey: Wisdom!

"First things first: Cosmic realignment. You might have heard that I'm touted as the wise guy among the Greek pantheon. My wisdom isn't merely about being brainy; it's about grasping the cosmic order, the intricate dance of the universe. As the big shot ruling over the gods and the sky, I've got the lowdown on the universe's fundamentals.

"Some joker's been monkeying around with the timeline, and it's turning everything into a cosmic calamity. Pyramids are cubes, the Knights of the Round Table are having a square dance, and deer are suddenly taking the reins of the monarchy. Your job? Untangle this temporal mess before the universe throws in the towel. And, of course, sniff out which of our merry band of troublemaker gods is behind this.

"Is it Hermes, our resident trickster of thieves, travellers, and commerce? Perhaps Eris, the goddess of discord and strife, is stirring the cosmic pot. Or maybe Dionysus, the god of wine, revelry, and ecstasy, is having a particularly wild bash through time. Let me in on the gossip before our trials wrap up, and I might just toss in an extra bonus point for your grand finale stand-in assessment."
the universe is in your hands
Can you handle it?
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