Boring bedtime stories
In the midst of the Asphodel Meadows, where the shadows dance and the air hangs heavy with an otherworldly quiet, Hades emerges with a smirk that mirrors the subtle gloom of the underworld.

“Oh man, that was too good. Way too good. I’ve never seen a man get an aneurysm from watching a few minutes of commercials. Don’t worry though, I’ve had my fun. It’s not like this is Hell or something.” A malevolent grin spreads across Hades' face, evolving into a chuckle that echoes through the desolate meadows. “Ohhhh, those Christians are too funny. How did they get it so wrong?”
The eerie laughter abruptly ceases, leaving the air thick with anticipation. “Speaking of Christianity, I do have a task that I think you will enjoy. Take this book. It’s like a fan-fiction or something.” Hades hands you the Bible, a relic glowing with a spectral aura. “I want you to find a line from here. It’s my favourite line because the guy who wrote it was so high on opium at the time, the first draft wrote: ‘thou shall touch the eyeballs of thy neighbours’. Which, honestly, I fully endorse. Unfortunately, it was subsequently edited to: ‘Nay but, O man, who art thou that repliest against God? Shall the thing formed say to him that formed it, Why hast thou made me thus?’.

“Interestingly, it’s from a section focused on a time period of history you’re particularly familiar with. Perhaps this is good bedtime reading for you?”
Anyhow, enough history. Find the line, win a prize, blah blah blah, live happily ever after…” Hades pauses with anticipation. “As if it was that easy!” He roars in laughter. “But yeah, if you find the line, I’ll give you a prize. Good luck mi amigo.”

With a final taunting wink, Hades dissolves into the shadows, leaving you surrounded by the quiet gloom of the Asphodel Meadows, the task ahead lurking in the depths of the underworld.
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