Hades' TV Tussles
"Alright, Andre-ma-bombay, my cement maestro. How'd the concrete ballet go earlier?" Hades grins mischievously as he materializes out of the underworld shadows. Without giving you a chance to respond, he chuckles, "Actually, don't care. Just enjoyed the show of you with that fine material again."

"Now, hold onto your togas, I've got another task for you, and don't worry, no more concrete for a hot minute," Hades reassures you with a playful wink. You ready yourself, wondering what underworld shenanigans he's conjuring up this time."

"I heard you're not a fan of the ol' commercials. Quick on the mute button, huh? Well, down here, we don't have mute buttons. Time to play catch-up. Watch 'em all, and don't even think about skipping. I'll know. Once you're done, a little gift, courtesy of yours truly. Trust me, it'll be worth the eye strain."

"Later, sunshine!" With that, Hades vanishes, leaving you contemplating the peculiar challenge ahead.
You know what you need to do.
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