the Family Chronicles
Zeus materialises once again, and the study disappears from the glowing orb in the centre of the arena.

"Well, well, well, took you a moment there. I can see why your offspring – let's call them your 'mini-me's – are a bit, how shall I say it, lacking in the brainpower department. Let's hope you can pick up the pace for the next act."
He strolls through the arena, waving you to tag along.

"Awareness, my dear mortal-turned-sidekick, isn't just about spotting the mundane objects and petty details. It's also about keeping tabs on the mortals milling around you. Or, in your case, your ex-mortal life. Because, surprise, you're dead. Now, how well do you reckon you knew your family? In that blink-and-you'll-miss-it, humdrum, and, honestly, quite banal mortal existence of yours, surely you paid attention to every riveting detail of your offspring's antics? This task should be a cakewalk. Use that newfound awareness of yours to uncover the lies that lurk within."
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