An unexpected interruption
The air around you suddenly crackles with an electric charge, sending shivers down your spine. The dim shadows of the Underworld seem to stir as a figure materialises before you, surrounded by a halo of divine radiance. Your heart quickens as the imposing presence of Zeus, the king of gods, stands before you, his stormy gaze fixed upon your mortal form.

"Ah, Andre," he booms, his voice echoing in the cavernous realm of Hades. "I thought I saw you enter Hades. I’ve been looking for you."

You look up, bewildered, as the mighty Zeus gestures for you to follow him. Through the murky depths of the Underworld, you tread behind the god of thunder, each step resonating with an otherworldly power.

"Listen well, mortal," Zeus says, his tone both commanding and whimsical. "I've grown weary of the confines of Olympus, and I've found a solution to my divine boredom. Enter stage left: you. You've got this uncanny resemblance to the king of gods - enough, I dare say, to fool even the keenest eyes of my fellow gods. So I've got a proposition for you, my unwitting doppelgänger.”
Zeus grins, mischief dancing in his stormy eyes.
"I want you to stand in for me on Olympus when I need to take a little break," he declares. “I need my Earthly escapades to go unnoticed. Hera would frown upon them.”

“In return, I’ll sneak you out of this hell hole before Hades notices. You can return to your life before you died. Are you up for it?”

With eyes wide in disbelief, you open your mouth about to answer, but Zeus interrupts you before you’ve had time to agree.

“Not so fast, I need to see if you’re up for the task first. I’ve composed a series of trials to test you against my attributes. If you can learn to pull off yours truly in a convincing manner, I’ll keep to my end of the bargain and free you from Hades.”

He winks, and suddenly, you're transported to an arena surrounded by stormy clouds.
“As you know, I am the king of the gods and the ruler of Mount Olympus. I am god of the sky, lightning, thunder, law, order, and justice. More commonly I am recognised for my power, my temperament, and my adulterous endeavours.” Zeus chuckles at himself.

“But those are too obvious of traits to test you on. I’m more interested in challenging you on some of my subtler traits - for these will be the traits that could give your stand-in performance away.”

“Welcome to the first trial, Andre - a test of your awareness. A god must be aware of their surroundings at all times. Every detail is important.”

In the middle of the arena, Zeus conjures a sphere from the stormy clouds with a familiar room contained within.
Be careful of habituation,
You’ve found yourself in a situation,
Where change occurs and words appear,
But immediately, it may not be clear.
The task at hand requires your eye:
With a closer look, amongst where you work.
You will find…
On a vest, a shoulder to rest,
An answer hovers under the covers
Some pillars, and an empty sky.
(Don’t let the answer pass you by!)
Now zoom in with your lens,
at ruins overtaken by a forest dense.
Welcome to the zeus trials
It's only the beginning
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