Welcome back
At the designated rendezvous point along the ethereal banks of the River Styx, Zeus materialises with the grandeur befitting a deity who's just enjoyed the finest cosmic spectacle. The air crackles with divine energy as he awaits your arrival, a glint of pride shimmering in his eyes.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't my mortal maestro. Bravo on the celestial serenade, Andre. Hera was practically cooing like a dove. You've truly earned your celestial stripes."

As you approach, Zeus gestures towards the River Styx, where a ghostly figure of yourself lies, adorned with coins on closed eyes. It's your original mortal form, a poignant reminder of the journey that led you through the cosmic trials.

"Look at you, still tethered to the mortal coil. But fear not, my musical protege, for I've arranged a celestial encore. It's time to bid farewell to the Underworld and return to the realm of the living."

With a wave of Zeus's mighty hand, the River Styx parts, revealing a shimmering pathway. Together, you traverse the spectral bridge, leaving the shadowy confines of the Underworld behind. The distant echoes of Hades' realm fade as the ethereal glow of the mortal world beckons.
As you emerge on the other side, Zeus turns to you, a celestial twinkle in his eyes. "You've proven yourself, Andre. A mortal who danced with the divine, embraced cosmic chaos, and played a tune that even Hera couldn't resist. Consider yourself an honorary deity, my celestial apprentice."

With a final flourish, Zeus conjures a portal that bathes you in the warm glow of mortal existence. The familiar sights and sounds of your West 10th home surround you, and you find yourself standing in your dusty garage.

"As promised, my musical virtuoso, you've earned your second life. For now, revel in the joys of the mortal realm — and what an entrance on your birthday! Talk about a bash to remember. But remember, the celestial encore awaits. I'll be calling upon you soon to stand in for me while I get up to divine mischief on Earth. Until then, let the earthly realm cherish its newfound hero."

With those parting words, Zeus steps back, and the portal closes, leaving you standing in the dim light of your garage.
Happy birthday dad!
The end.
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