Break a leg
In the ethereal twilight of the Asphodel Meadows, Zeus struts in with a smirk that could rival the cheekiest shooting star. His eyes fix on yours, and a self-satisfied grin paints his lips.

"Well, well, well, look who's twirling around the celestial stage like a god in a dress rehearsal. You've danced through the awareness, wisdom, and mercy trials. Bravo, my mortal muse, you're practically a virtuoso of the divine dance."

"But before you can savour the celestial applause, I've got one more favor to ask – Olympus is facing a bit of a cosmic ruckus. You see, Hera, my ever-detective queen of the gods, has sniffed out my little tête-à-tête with Io, despite my crafty transformation of my lover into a heifer. This, my dear mortal man, is where you come in."

Zeus continues, a hint of distress colouring his features. "I tried to smooth things over with Hera, but she's as unyielding as ever, directing her divine fury at the unfortunate Io. Ah, the trials of love."
Turning to you with a sly grin, Zeus unfolds his plan. "Ah, my musical maestro, here's your grand entrance. Hera has a soft spot for a particular opera, and I've promised her a divine serenade to quell her cosmic discontent. A form of divine distraction, if you catch my celestial drift. The snag is, despite my godly might and unmatched power, I'm not exactly a maestro with instruments. But you, dear Andre, have that celestial touch. I need you to stand in for me, perform a musical spectacle that'll have Hera singing a different tune. Consider this your debut as my stand-in."

With a snap of Zeus's fingers, and a thunderous crack, a portal to Olympus unfolds before you. He hands you an ethereal lyre, mischief swirling in his eyes. "Perform this opera, my virtuoso in the making, and I'll meet you at the River Styx to escort you back to the mortal world. It's your grand finale, Andre. Make it as sassy and stylish as only you can, and you'll leave the Underworld with the divine applause ringing in your ears."
You're nearly there
Hope you can pull this one off.
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