Bon Appetit
As the ghostly flames of the Asphodel Meadows dance, Hades reappears with a smirk. "Ah, Andre, my culinary connoisseur, have I got a treat for you. I've heard tales of your undying love for this exquisite dish," he declares, presenting a bowl of brown food with an exaggerated flourish.

"Behold! The gastronomic masterpiece – the finest in the entire Underworld. I can practically taste your excitement. It's like ambrosia for mortals, or so I'm told," Hades quips with a sly grin. "Your task, my dear epicurean, is to devour every last grain. Savour the nutty goodness, the earthy essence. I've spared no expense in preparing this delicacy for you."

He hands you the bowl, the sarcastic glint in his eyes challenging you to embrace the culinary adventure. "Bon appétit, Andre! May the Undergods smile upon this feast of the afterlife."
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