A theatrical bonfire
In the dimly lit expanse of the Asphodel Meadows, Hades materialises with a smirk that seems to thrive in the shadows. His eyes flicker with a dry, sarcastic glint as he addresses you.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't Andre, the bibliophile of the underworld. How's the divine literature treating you?" Hades quips, his voice draped in a wry amusement. "Ready for your next task, my fiery friend? This one's a scorcher."
Hades pauses, eyeing the Bible in your hands with a wry grin. “Now, for your next riveting task, my unsuspecting friend, we're going to add a bit of sizzle to this divine tale. What do you say we crank up the heat?”
With a theatrical flourish, Hades points to the book in your hands. "Your mission, should you choose to accept it – and trust me, you have no choice – is to turn this divine relic into a masterpiece of flames. That's right, burn the thing. Toasty, warm, and perhaps a bit heretical."

A sly grin creeps across Hades' face as he leans in, the air around him crackling with an underworldly energy. "But here's the kicker, my incendiary apprentice. Don't just toss it in a random bonfire. I want a spectacle, a conflagration worthy of the Underworld's most esteemed pyromaniac."

He gestures towards the eerily quiet meadows. "Find a spot, make a statement. Maybe even invite some ghostly spectators. Make it unforgettable. I'll be watching, so don't disappoint. And remember, my dear Andre, fire is an art form, and you're the artist."

With a theatrical bow, Hades fades back into the shadows, leaving you with the task of turning divine literature into an infernal masterpiece.
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Don't have too much fun with this one.
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