Twisted fates
With a crack of thunder Zeus stands once more in front of you.

"Bravo Andre! You're really proving yourself to be worth of standing in with the Gods. You picked up that language quickly...ish. Your kids, I must say, have quite the rap sheet. Truly, you've done a stellar job raising them.”

Zeus adds a touch of sarcasm, his eyes sparkling with godly mischief.

“Sure, I like to consider myself a benevolent deity, Andre. But your kids, they've managed to rack up some impressive celestial charges. We're talking Tartarus-level offences.

Now, lucky for you, you're in the presence of the almighty Zeus – that's me. I can sort out even the messiest of mortal catastrophes. You want to rescue your offspring from the depths of Tartarus? Zeus is your guy. But, of course, not without a little divine reimbursement, if you catch my drift.”

He leans in, a wry grin playing on his lips.

“I'm not one to shy away from a bit of cosmic retribution. In fact, it’s what I’m known for! Like when Prometheus swiped fire or when Sisyphus played his little game with Thanatos. Pardon, sure, but not without a dash of divine discipline.”

Zeus reminisces with a chuckle, recounting tales of divine justice.

“So, here's the divine dilemma, big guy. Your progeny's got themselves a one-way ticket to Tartarus. But, being the merciful deity I am, I'm willing to cut a deal. Adequate punishment, of course, but I'll throw in a little twist. Once they've been adequately disciplined, I'll grant them permission to kick back in the Asphodel meadows when their untimely deaths arrive. A touch of mercy, a sprinkle of redemption, and a dash of the divine.”

Zeus pauses, a twinkle in his eye.

"If you're going to stand in for me, you need to show me you're able to dish out the divine discipline in my style – so what's your grand plan for the ultimate timeout?"

By the way, I've left a little something to help you out for this one. Had to hide it from Hades' minions though, they were tailing me."
Get that smug look off your face.
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