A crime to remember
Zeus swoops down to the Asphodel, catching you off guard with a cheeky grin. "Well, well, well! Look who managed to track me down. Had to pull off a little divine disguise to outsmart Hades today. The guy's unusually spry, considering his eternal boredom. How are those daily tasks for him going, by the way?" He chuckles, mischief dancing in his stormy eyes. "Keeping up the charade? Remember, Hades can't know our little scheme. If he catches wind, getting you back to the mortal world becomes a tad trickier."

Zeus scans the surroundings, making sure no prying eyes are eavesdropping on your godly exchange.

"Bravo on your newfound ability to crack the present-time code. But now, my inquisitive sidekick, it's time to show off those future-seeing skills. Before I even think about tossing you onto the hot seat at the Dodona Oracle, I need to see if you've got the chops to predict the mortal plot twists for those thirsty for my divine wisdom."

A mischievous grin plays on Zeus's lips, his eyes alight with divine shenanigans.

"Peeking into the future? Easier than ambrosia pie, really. It's like flipping through a celestial novel. Sure, there's the itty-bitty task of decoding the language of the gods. No biggie. Word on Mount Olympus is you're a linguistics whiz, so this should be a cosmic breeze."

He winks, adding a dash of sass to the celestial banter.

"Buona fortuna, my future-seeker! May the gods' language be as crystal clear as my divine charm."

"Oh by the way, when you think you've cracked it, you can check your answers using our godly translator"
Bon chance
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