Between the lines
"Good morning there, Andre-maestro, the Mozart of our time, or so I hear. Day 4 in the Underworld, and rumour has it, you've got the ears of a musical connoisseur. Classic case of 'too cool for the mainstream,' am I right?" Hades materialises with a smirk that practically screams, "Oh, the irony."

"Indeed, I've been informed of your impeccable taste – a touch of snobbery, a hint of superiority, the whole symphony. But, hold the violins, because apparently, you also have a soft spot for what some might describe as music resembling 'Chinese screaming.' I'm no music critic, but I'm curious about the eclectic playlist you've got going on."

"Now, since you dazzled everyone with your stellar performance yesterday on that last, delicious errand, I thought I'd reward you with a personalised musical experience. A mashup, no less – two of your most cherished genres. It's practically a musical Frankenstein, and trust me, it's a masterpiece."

"All you've got to do is sit back, relax, and savour the auditory feast. Start to finish. No interruptions. It's like a spa day for your eardrums, compliments of yours truly. So, no fast-forwarding, no muting, just you and the musical magic. Consider it my gift to your delicate auditory sensibilities."

"Till next time, when we'll see if your musical taste has evolved or if it's stuck in a time capsule. Until then, I leave you with the gift of musical enlightenment. You're welcome." Hades says with a smirk and disappears.
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