An order to die for
You hear a strained breathing coming from the mist directly in front of you. Slowly you approach. The sound starts to evolve. Between the shallow breaths, you hear the faint sound of liquid splashing on the ground. You call out, “Mr. Hades, is that you?”

The mist suddenly lifts. Sprawled out on a beach chair, wearing a Hawaiian t-shirt and matching Hawaiian shorts, is Hades. He is sweating profusely from his armpits, the sweat pooling on the ground beneath him.
“OOOOF sorry Andre. I must have drifted off. It’s just so gods-damn hot down here, don’t you think? Will you be a good boy and fetch us some DQ? I was planning on making you do a backflip as the next task, but this is more urgent. We need blizzards STAT!!! GO GO GO!
It had to happen
Pick yourself up something yummy while you're at it. Go on. Treat yo'self.
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