Welcome to the Underworld
It started out as a typical Christmas for you and your family - all the kids had come back home, anticipating your annual trick. Puzzles were solved, presents were opened, and bellies were filled with food.

Unfortunately for you, Andre, things didn’t go as planned. Indeed, it seems you found yourself an unfortunately early demise.
After Charon escorts you on a quick trip across the River Styx, you find yourself at the entrance to your new home. And what a greeting you’re about to receive...

You walk up to an imposing and grand archway, wrought from ancient, obsidian-like stone. The arch is adorned with intricate, ominous symbols that seem to writhe with an otherworldly energy, setting the tone for the realm beyond. A figure stands in the centre, and slowly turns around to face you.
The figure begins to chuckle.

"Well, well, well! Look who just landed in the fabulous Underworld – our very own Andre Lanz from Vancouver, Canada!” Hades quips with a cheeky grin. “Welcome to the coolest place for souls, buddy. I'm Hades, your friendly neighbourhood deity of the dead and the ruler of this joint. Don't sweat it; it's not as bad as it sounds.”

You release the breath you didn’t realise you’ve been holding.

"Take a look around, my unconventional comrade!” Hades says with a smug look on his face, pointing around, “Eternal night, mist everywhere, and silence that's just 'music' to the ears. Sure, no fireworks, but killer ghost stories – they're to die for!"
“Now, here's the twist, Andre.” Hades leans in conspiratorially, “While you're here, you've got some daily tasks to complete. The jury's still out on whether they’ll be of a ‘Sisyphean’ nature or not. Let’s see how Rhadamanthus, Minos, and Aeacus decide to judge you first.” He smirks, adding, “They’ll also have a hand in deciding where you’ll be residing - Will it be Tartarus, Elysian, or the Asphodel Fields for you?”

Your stomach tightens with the tension of nerves and excitement. Confused by your predicament, afraid for what is to come, yet fascinated to be here. Is this a dream? You wonder.

As if reading your mind, Hades interrupts your thought, “No, this isn’t a dream, my friend. You have well and truly died. But seriously, don't sweat it. You're in for a once-in-a-lifetime – err, I mean, once-in-an-eternity – experience. The Underworld's a party that never stops, and the best part? You won't have to worry about sunscreening your bald spot."

Great, you think. Even Hades is making fun of your hair. That didn’t take long.

Hades turns and begins walking down the path, beckoning for you to follow. Pointing towards the end of the long corridor, you see a large, stone-cold, menacing-looking chair. “So come and sit in the judgment chair; let’s see how Rhadamanthus, Minos, and Aeacus judge your life. Then trot off to your new home - I’ll meet you there. Oh, Here’s a map” he adds, handing you a piece of paper, “that should help you find your way. Mind the doors; they don’t wait for anyone. I’ll be in touch again soon for your first task. Be on the listen-out for my call. You’ll know it as the familiar sound of Crazy Frog” He says with a wink.

“Welcome to the eternal chill zone, my friend!"

You hesitate for a moment, then begin the walk down the path to sit in the judgment chair and await your doom.
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